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Two people who love wood and spend much of their free time covered in sawdust. Based in a small workshop in Dora, Alabama, we have done crazy things, like purchase the outside of a 100+ year old barn and try to save the wood. Brian does custom woodworking such as built-ins, furniture, tables, bars, headboards, and installs accent walls, and then we try to salvage other pieces to make things to make your life happier and more beautiful. One barn turned into 3 and they just keep coming.

Brian, previously a graphic designer, turned passionate woodworker many years ago met a girl with a tool belt and the rest is history in the making. He recently married Roberta, his partner in sickness and health, sawdust and paint. 

She calls us the “Newlywoods”. We even had wooden roses, twigs in the boutonniere and handmade hummingbirds and butterflies in the bouquet. Told you we LOVE wood!

We have been salvaging barns and wood from old homes and school houses, but also do more refined woodworking such as mantles, built-in bookcases, hall trees and more. If you love our work we hope you can find a place in your home for it. If you want something more specific, please contact us to see if we can make your dream piece for you.


All Hand Made

The Rustic Painter provides the highest quality custom, handmade pieces! We pride ourselves on unique items whether rustic or refined. Whether its a wall hanging, an original piece of art, or anything you want custom made… what can we build for you?

Quality Materials

We LOVE Barnwood! OK, we love ALL types of woods, but something about turning a reclaimed piece of wood from a barn over 100 years old is fulfilling. We can keep it grungy and see the history, or plane it down and see the beauty of the wood beneath that hasn’t seen the light of day in years AND reveal a type of wood not available today… the tight grain and some species not available in a lumber store.

Welcome to Our Shop

We like to treat our customers like family. We are dedicated to making you a piece of furniture or home decor that you are sure to love and that will stay in your family for generations to come. We pride ourselves on customer service and giving a unique perspective with our pieces.

Seeing the Beauty

Meet The Team.

doers of all things wood.


Woodworker Craftsman


Artists & Crafting Extraordinaire

Established In 2004

All Things Home Decor.

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